Private training can be very effective in many circumstances.
Some examples where private training could or should be utilized:

For dogs who…

  • are too young to start a puppy class
  • who are overwhelmed by a group setting
  • exhibit problem behaviours only in their home
  • exhibit aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people

For people who…

  • want to work on a specific behaviour like come
  • who need flexible scheduling
  • who want one-on-one attention from the trainer

Private training can take place in your home or any number of locations in the Greater Victoria Area.
Private training is charged at an hourly rate.  The current hourly rate is $85 per hour (plus GST).

To book a private training session please fill our our contact form or call 1.250.896.7297

In some instances a behaviour assessment may be required prior to private training sessions.
For more information on behaviour assessments please click here