This is a “work in progress” and is being updated and added to on an ongoing basis.

Dog owners in the Greater Victoria area are fortunate to have many leash optional places to take their dogs.

Because many of the dogs I work with are reactive and need a more controlled enviroment I have chosen to list areas where leashes are mandatory.

If you’re looking for leash optional areas, please check out Victoria Animal Control’s website – they have quite an extensive list.

Be familiar with, and respect the leash laws.

NEWE & N Rail Trail – dogs must be on leash on this new trail

Lochside Regional Trail – dogs must be on leash

Central Saanich

Dogs must be on leash in

John Dean Provincial Park
Gowlland-Tod Provincial Park

NOTE:  All provincial parks in the Province of BC require dogs to be on leash at all times with a few exceptions click here – none are on Vancouver Island.

Seasonal restrictions

Island View Beach – Dogs are prohibited from the beach from June 1 to September 15 (on leash dogs may pass through the beach and picinic areas)

In Central Saanich dogs are prohibited from all:

  • Picnic areas
  • Playing fields
  • Sports fields
  • Children’s playgrounds


Dogs must be on leash in:

  • Esquimalt Lagoon Migratory Bird Sanctuary


Dogs must be on leash in:

  • Memorial Park
  • Esquimalt Gorge Park (Note: there is now an leash optional section of the park)
  • Fleming Beach and Buxton Green
  • West Bay Walkway
  • Buxton Green

Dogs are permitted off-leash in:

  • Highrock Park
  • Macaulay Point Park – east of the breakwater
  • Captain Jacobson Park
  • The westerly side of Saxe Point Park

Other than the nine parks listed above, dogs are prohibited from all other municipal parks in Esquimalt
Esquimalt parks map


The Highlands utilizes CRD Bylaw 1465.
Dogs must be confined by a leash (6′ leash or locked extendable leash not exceeding 6′ in length)  in the following areas:

  • Playgrounds
  • Public Beaches
  • Sports facility

For parks located in the Highlands please check the CRD parks or provincial parks regulations.


The City of Langford utilizes CRD Bylaw 1465.
Dogs must be confined by a leash (6′ leash or locked extendable leash not exceeding 6′ in length)  in the following areas:

  • Playgrounds
  • Public Beaches
  • Sports facility

Seasonal restrictions

Dogs are prohibited from the following areas from June 15 to September 15 inclusive:

  • Aylard Farm Beach  – The sandy beach at the Capital Regional District’s East Sooke Park known as Aylard Farm.
  • Glen Lake Park Beach – (Park, Plan 27201, Section 87, Esquimalt District and Park, Plan 40038, Sections 88 and 87, Esquimalt District)
  • Langford Lake Park Beach – (Lot 10, Plan 2075, Section 85, Esquimalt District)
  • Vesuvius Bay Beach – The beach extending from the public access stairs on Langley Street south to the bluff at the end of the gravel portion of the beach.
  • Bader Beach – The beach extending from the public access at Collins Road north for 350 metres.
  • Flute Lane Park Beach – The beach on Langford Lake – the beach extending from the public access which is 3 m wide, extending northwest 12 m.
  • Lequesne Park Beach – The beach extending on Langford Lake 19 m at the dedicated “park” east of 2998 Leigh Road
  • Leigh Road Park Beach – The beach at 3030 Leigh Road on Langford Lake, lot 33, section 86 Esquimalt District, Plan 1457, PID 001- 462-521. The beach extending from the road allowance north 83 ft.


North Saanich

Dogs must be on leash in:

  • Cy Hampson Park (certain areas are designated leash optional)
  • Dominion Brook Park

Oak Bay

The following parks have seasonal leash restrictions:

Uplands Park

Willows Beach

Windsor Park


Dogs must be confined by a leash or chain in the following areas:

  •     school grounds
  •     within a 10 metre (32.8 feet) radius of any playground equipment in a Municipal or Regional Park
  •     the Royal Oak Burial Park
  •     lands known as the Lochside Trail within the Blenkinsop Lake area
  •     any trail located in Cedar Hill Park.

Dogs are restricted at all times from the following areas:

  • Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary
  • Quick’s Bottom Park
  • Rithet’s Bog conservation area EXCEPT on the perimeter trail, provided the dog is confined by a leash or chain.
  • Within a 50 metre (164 feet) radius of Kings Pond at Cedar Hill Park, EXCEPT on that part of the perimeter trail within 50 metres of Kings Pond, provided the dog is securely confined by a leash or chain.

Seasonal Restrictions

Dogs are not to be in any of the following areas from May 1 to August 31:

  • Cadboro Bay/Cadboro-Gyro Park and the public beach at Cadboro Bay lying between the easterly boundary of Cadboro-Gyro Park and the boundary of the Municipality of Oak Bay, EXCEPT before 9:00 a.m. on any day;
  • Whitehead Park;
  • Cordova Bay Beach area lying between the southerly boundary of Cordova Bay Park and the northerly boundary of the Walema Avenue right-of-way, EXCEPT before 9:00 a.m. on any day;
  • Mount Douglas Park beach and that part of Mount Douglas Park bounded by Cordova Bay Road, Ash Road, Douglas Creek, the natural boundary of the ocean and the northwesterly boundary of the park, EXCEPT the asphalt road surface lying to the northwest of the picnic area between the two gates.

Dogs are not allowed in a fenced baseball field from March 1 to October 31.


Dogs ON LEASH are permitted in the following parks:

  • Beacon Park
  • Beaver Park
  • Bevan Park
  • Brethour Park
  • Eastview Park
  • Frost Avenue Park
  • Iroquois Park
  • Maryland Park
  • Melissa Playground
  • Melville Park
  • Rathdown Park
  • Reay Creek
  • Resthaven Park
  • Rotary Park
  • Seaport Park
  • Skateboard Facility
  • Tulista Park


Dogs are prohibited year round

  • Ayum Creek Regional Park Reserve

Dogs are not to run at large or be in any public place, unless the dog is under the effective control of a competent person, or is confined by a leash or chain


NO DOGS, other than certified assistance dogs, are allowed on or off-leash, in the following areas:

  • A small area of Beacon Hill Park (the heron rookery), located south of Good Acre Lake
  • Ross Bay Cemetery
  • Gonzales Beach between June 1 and August 31
  • Pioneer Square
  • Playgrounds with sand, rubber, or wood chips.
  • Topaz Park – all weather playing field

On-leash Areas

The City of Victoria’s animal control bylaw contains a list of leash optional parks as does their Paws in Parks brochure.
All parks other than those listed above where dogs are prohibited, should be considered on-leash only.

Seasonal Restrictions

  • Gonzales Beach – from June 1 to August 31

City of Victoria’s Paws in Parks

View Royal

Seasonal Restrictions

  • Centennial Park – April 1 – September 30 dogs must be on leash.

CRD Regional Parks

Dog Regulations in CRD Regional Parks click here

Dogs must be on leash in the following parks and trails:

  • Elsie King Trail at Francis/King
  • Lochside Regional Trail
  • E & N Rail Trail

NOTE:  Please refer to the municipal bylaws for definitions of “on leash” as it does vary between the municipalities.


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