Dogs and Children

Doggone Safe – Dog bite prevention through education

Family Paws Parent Education – includes info on preparing your dog for the birth of your child  – Dogs and Storks® Program


ASPCA Poison Control Centre – everyone who has a dog should have this site bookmarked!

Dr. Jean Dodd’s Limited Vaccination Protocol

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

The Merck Veterinary Manual

Speaking for Spot – Dr. Nancy Kay DVM’s website

Thyroid Testing



Dog Food Analysis

The Dog Food Project

Truth About Pet Food – pet food consumer advocate

Professional Associations

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers – The gold standard for certifying dog trainers

Doggone Safe – A non-profit organization dedicated to Dog Bite Prevention through education


Suzanne Clothier’s Website – check out her Free Articles

Terry Ryan’s Website

Patricia McConnell’s Website

Dog Star Daily


L. David Mech’s  Business website

L. David Mech’s Personal Website

The International Wolf Center

Wolf Park – The Institute of Ethology at Wolf Park offers wolf behaviour seminars. Good info on wolf/dog hybrids.