Suzanne and Canine Crew

Since a young girl, I have held a special kinship with all types of animals running the gamut from cats, to dogs to horses.  I love them all but working with dogs is my ultimate passion. The first dog that joined me in my adult life presented me with a variety of challenging  behaviour.  Through attempting to deal with these challenges, I began to study dog behavior and body language, canine health and diet, and various forms of behavior modification. The more knowledge I obtained the more I wanted to learn. Today, I am honored to have worked with many different ages and breeds of dogs and their people, using gentle and highly effective methods.

I have been a professional dog trainer since 2002 and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) in 2005.  The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers is considered the gold standard in the industry.  I maintain my certification through ongoing continuing education—an important factor in keeping current with new techniques and methodology.

I work with dogs and their people using a positive, results oriented approach which has proven very successful.  I strongly believe that the first step to a successful relationship between human and dog is to create the right match. Many times I see great dogs and great people that are terribly mismatched which can cause grief for both. Consider hiring a professional to assist you with your selection of your next canine family member.  I can help you find the puppy / dog that best matches your lifestyle.

The first few weeks and months of a puppy’s life are the most critical in the development of a well-balanced/well-rounded dog.  I can get you and your new pup off to the right start with in-home private training sessions and can provide recommendations for well-run puppy classes to help your puppy become the best he or she can be.

If you already have an adult dog and want to improve your relationship with your dog and fine tune your dog’s obedience and manners,  I can assist you with basic training.  My goal is to help you build a solid and mutually respectful relationship with your dog enabling your dog to be a welcomed and enjoyable family member.  A well-mannered dog is a pleasure to be around, an ill-mannered, untrained dog can be a nightmare.

If you have concerns about your dogs behaviour, if they are causing chaos in your household, if they are causing friction at the dog park—I can help.  I have extensive experience working with dogs who exhibit problem or dangerous behaviors from separation anxiety, to dog/dog aggression, to dog/human aggression and just about everything in between.  I have been well-taught by my own dogs. My Beagle Lewis is a prime example. Before he came to me, Lewis was slated to be euthanized at the young age of nine weeks by no less than three professionals. He was exhibiting some pretty serious aggression—much more than normal puppy biting. Was Lewis in the wrong home…absolutely!! Did he need to die….absolutely not!! In the right home (now with me) and with the right training and a good understanding of why he was doing what he was doing, Lewis has flourished into an amazing and talented little dog.

My experience with dogs and their people over the years has led me to focus not only on working with a dog’s behavior, but teaching the owners how to get the most out of their dog. The feedback I receive from clients is overwhelmingly positive. My goal is always to get to the root of the problem and provide dog owners with the best techniques to get optimal results.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Suzanne Webb CPDT

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